eStream group specializes in benefiting companies with end to end professional services. This includes but is not limited to project initiative planning, implementation, strategy, process, integration, training, business analysis and project management.

eStream group is based on the premise that we can provide alternatives for our clients. We leverage our fifteen plus years of experience in the business arena, understanding the client focus is the number one priority. Primarily focusing on the telecommunications industry we are capable of working across the spectrum of industry. We pride our consultants on their communication, understanding and logic skillsets.

At eStream group we believe that the client should be offered a unique approach based on their business needs. We offer services that are unrivaled by our competitors, bringing the clients into the process ensuring that knowledge transfer including product knowledge and capabilities, system knowledge and capabilities occur during the duration of the engagement to all affected portions of the organization.

Post engagement we strive to meet client requirements providing support through monitoring, maintenance, enhancement of the customized solution keeping in mind that communication is the most important aspect of our business.

When you are between a rock and a hard place we are the stream that flows through it

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