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eStream group is comprised of professionals with experience in all aspects of the business We pride ourselves on the caliber of our resources who are experienced in providing end to end solutions.

We have worked on international projects spanning the following skill sets; Vendor selection, implementation, integration, training, network engineering, design, project and program management, business analysis, process design and engineering, regulatory affairs.

We provide our clients with solutions based on what they require of us and what our industry experience demands we provide to them. Having advance knowledge of how international companies operate gives us an edge when it comes to doing business with the client and the solution that we provide.

Implementation: Our resources have worked on multiple implementations for varying types of software including Operational Support Systems (OSS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Billing systems. Our team has worked implementation from end to end.

Regulatory Affairs: International tariff and regulation interpretation, adaptation and enforcement are some of the areas members of our resource group specialize in. Understanding how national and international regulations affect our clients and how the systems that they utilize affect their service offerings.

Revenue Assurance: At eStream Group we understand that you work hard for the revenue that you bill and we want to ensure you are billing all the revenue you are owed. eStream Group has partnered with companies who have been specializing inthis market area with considerable success. eStream Group knows that remaining competitive in a market place where there is limited green fields growth, takes making a difference. Clients must ensure that the Billing systems in place encompass all possible billing avenues. Some companies suffer from revenue leakage that is as much as 10% of all billable revenue. With our partners we have a complete approach to recovering revenue and eliminating future revenue leakage.

Integration: At eStream Group we understand that having stand alone systems cause more work for the client, double entry and swivel chair requirements. Understanding exactly what is required by our clients and making them part of the process is imperative within our business.

Design: When a solution is required after the requirements have been gathered and catalogued a design is structured and put forth for the client evaluation and then for development and implementation.

Development: A work class team of developers help to round our team of experts. Our development team looks at the customer requirements and then develops customized solutions to match the customer’s business.

Testing: Without operational readiness testing, end to end unit testing and user acceptance testing thel key aspects of ensuring that the systems choosen and implemented are working as required and expected are missing.

Training: Educating our clients and their teams is imperative to ensuring that the solutions and systems that are implemented and integrated are suitable end to end. Training is another stage of our end to end offerings for our clients on of the most important aspects of knowledge transfer and client involvement. Our definition of training spans the organization from executive level understanding of solutions to end to end user community training including database/gui administrator training.

Process: Without a consistent process to follow we have found that systems never seem to work quite the way they were promised. Process design, definition, and implementation are cornerstones to making any business successful.

Vendor selection: Ensuring that our clients are matched with the right solutions and vendors is one of our specialties. Looking at what our clients need their requirements and then matching the available solutions ensuring the customer requirement, regulatory requirement and adaptability and up-gradability of the system to those client needs. We would accomplish our vendor selection requirements by gaining an understanding of our clients process, business model and product offerings.

Resourcing: Are you looking for just the right person for that little niche that you never seem to be able to fill. We have a wide variety of resources that are available for an onsite and remote basis. These resources are highly skilled, teched out professionals that we have worked with on engagements over the last several years and projects.

Project Management: Our Project Managers are specialists in managing resources, relationships and budgets. They are PMI certified or are working to get their PMI. We require them to be accountable and pride them on keeping on track on budget and making sure the client is part of the process and aware of everything going on.

Business Analysis: Business requirement gathering, understanding the business our clients are in and how that business operates is the specialty of our business analysts. They take the wants and needs of your business and translate those into documentation that applies to both the design, development teams. Our business analysts ensure that what you require becomes a living breathing document that also contains an archival history that will benefit your business and company.

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Every great achievement in existence could not have been possible without some form of indirect or direct partnership.

The importance of what you can teach is one thing, the importance of what you can learn from others is immeasurable.

At eStream group we are confidant in our respected area of focus but in order to be exposed to new opportunities and growth we understand the importance of listening to what others have to say, their approach and ideas. With that said, we are open to discussing any and all possibilities that exist out there.

If you believe that you have a product, idea or theory that would be mutually beneficial to both parties feel free to contact us at:


eStream group is constantly on the cusp of emerging technologies and methodologies looking to better itself by offering unrivalled service and support to its client base.

The individual we are interested in is self driven, determined and imaginative. We need individuals that are interested in becoming part of the eStream family while being supported through an unrivalled career path and rewarding compensation package.

Our executive board, have all worked for either very large corporate environments (consulting firms, telecommunications - ILEC / CLEC / IXC / DLEC / Cable) or independently focused on Client based initiatives. While building eStream, the executive board to be was asked to write an essay on business environments they enjoyed working in and what was most important to them. Their answers continuously seemed to focus on be appreciated, respected and compensated for their skill sets and creativity. They all felt that having a great business model is one thing, but having creative minds continuously striving within a great business model equals continuous success.

At eStream group, we have created a conduit of communication that not only offers our employees a career path like no other but compensates those for their creativity that results in additional business opportunities, successful project completion and winning strategy. If you are interested in being part of an environment that will encourage growth, creativity and opportunity than eStream group is for you.

For employment consideration please forward your Resume or CV to:

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